Poetic Justice –

William Butler Yeats, a poet, scholar and member of the Irish literary revival who loved the west of Ireland was a writer who constantly searching for artistic perfectionism and whose greatness lay in his capacity to adjust to ever-changing conditions and a politically clouded environment.  Yeats was a Romantic and Modernist, mystical dreamer, dramatist and Nobel Prizewinner. Described as ‘One of those few whose history is the history of their own time, who are part of the consciousness of an age which cannot be understood without them’ by T.S Elliot.

In honour of Yeats day 13th of June 2017 and seeing as its 152 years since his birth and 102 years since the rising here are Some of my Favourite Yeats verses;

Easter 1916;

‘Too long a sacrifice

Can make a stone of the heart.

O when may it suffice?

That is Heaven’s part, our part

To murmer name upon name,

As a mother names her child

When sleep at last has come

On limbs that had run wild.

What is it but nightfall?

No, No, not night but death;

Was it needless death after all?

For England may keep faith

For all that is done and said.

We know their dream; enough

To know they dreamed and are dead;

And what if excess of love

Bewildered them till they died?

I write it out in a verse –

MacDonagh and MacBride

And Connolly and Pearse

Now and in time to be,

Wherever green is worn,

Are changed, changed utterly:

A terible Beauty is Born”



‘Now must I these three praise –

Three Women that have wrought

What joy is in my days:

One because no thought,

Nor those unpassing cares,

No, not in these fifteen

Many times-troubled years,

Could ever come between

Mind and delighted mind;

And one because her hand

Had strength that could unbind

What none can understand,

What none can have and thrive,

Youth’s dreamy load, till she

So changed me that I live

Labouring in ecstasy.’




A Drinking song;

Wine comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That’s all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh.


The two trees;

‘Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,

The holy tree is growing there;

From joy the holy branches start,

And all the trembline flowers they bear.

The changing colours of its fruit

Have dowered the stars with merry light;

The surety of its hidden root

Has planted quiet in the night;

The shaking of its leafy head

Has given the waves their melody,

And made my lips and music wed,

Murmering a wizards song for thee.’


‘Only two topics can be of the least interest to a serious and studious mine – sex and the dead’- W.B Yeats

Happy Reading!

Good Luck.


May Day Weekend


Here’s a few words about about my experience exploring Alicante & Murcia. Thanks once again for taking the time to read. It took me a while to write this because I’ve been working, exploring and lounging about. But sure, better late than never. Hope your all having a delightful May.

Before I get started, let me briefly explain where the idea for the title of this blog came from. About a year ago I watched a movie called ‘The path of the modern Gypsy’ (Link Below) featuring Californian surfer Rob Machado among others and he also featured in another one called ‘Drifter’ and among many other things they both inspired me to hit the road. Firstly, Machado comes across as a very humble and interesting individual who promotes both healthy living and a healthy outlook on life. Secondly, He rips! In all types of conditions, big, small, messy, clean or glassy. He has a unique style that is both graceful and radical ,threading beautiful lines on every wave he catches!( no doubt benefiting from years on the world tour and many famous battles against tour veteran Kelly Slater). Furthermore, the Film is beautifully shot , has a nice mellow soundtrack and visits many exotic locations around the globe. It is a movie sponsored by a brand called Reef whose slogan is ‘Just Passing through’ – a fitting motto for any traveller, explorer or person leading a nomadic lifestyle, don’t you think?

On the weekend of May 1st (May Day) I went to Alicante, a Jewel among the many cities which make up the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. So We rented a brand new Renault Clio automatic in Madrid and drove south-east to Alicante. The Journey took us about 6 hours in total, one hour alone to get out of the maze of ring-roads that is Madrid’s outer suburbs and then a further four to five hours driving at a steady pace to the east coast. The scenery along the way was quite beautiful and I spotted a number of castles, forts and even a giant black bull on top of a mountain, which at first I thought was real but as we got closer I realised it was a giant cardboard cut out, quite a sight. As we cruised along I was shotgun, so naturally chose the music – so far Kiss FM is my favourite radio station – they play an eclectic mix of Rock n Roll, Indie , Pop , Classical and Funk with the odd English or Irish tune thrown in. Plus the hosts speak English which is a bonus for me. One tune I remember them playing was Crowded House – Weather with you , weirdly enough it was raining that day so the lyric ‘Always take the weather with you’ reminded me of Ireland.  From my point of view, most Spanish Drivers are steady, but some can often be reckless and the motorways are quite similar to the Autobahn in Germany in the way that people seem to go as fast as they please.

Upon Arrival we were greeted by our friend and her family and treated to a beautiful Spanish meal. That night we went into the city for a look around, a drink and a few games of billiards (American Pool) at a nice little bar called Cafe Sukia. I was a little out of practice when It came to pool as I hadn’t played in a good few months, but we played doubles and I soon remembered and got back into the rhythm of the game. The curious case of Juan beer ensued. After the first one Juan turns to me and says ‘Will you have wan more’ . ‘ Go on so’ says I ‘ But just the wan juan’.. ‘ wan and wan only juan’ ‘ok’ said Juan with a smile ‘ wan more?’ hes says 20 minutes later. ‘wan more so …Obi Juan Kenobi’. So as you all know, one beer often leads to several. So we had a couple of beers, played a few games and had a good laugh. To end our night we visited Castillo Santa Barbara, the highest peak/castle in Alicante. The rock face, which has an ancient castle at its summit, was carved out to resemble the race of an old Arab king from hundreds of years ago. The view of the city lights at night-time is truly majestic.

The following day we took a drive down to the marina near Santa Polla. The temperature was around 19 degrees celcius and due to the fact that it had been stormy the previous day there was light winds, the mediterranean was choppy and there was Two to Three foot of swell. Mediterranean by the way comes from the Latin ‘MarMediTerraneum’, meaning ‘sea in the middle of the land’ It has 2.5 Km2 of H2O. So, I was pretty pumped to get in and surf as I hadn’t been in the sea for a good while and had never been in the Med. It felt like California in the 60’s (not that I would know what it was like back then as I was born in the 90’s, but it seemed like a friendly time), I had no board and no wet suit but got chatting to a couple who had just come out from the surf and the dude offered my his board to have a little dip. So I threw on a pair of board shorts and paddled out, everyone in the lineup was wearing a wettie except me. As fishermen lined the pier along the right hand side, searching for their daily catch the waves rolled in with consistent sets coming every couple of minutes. The sea was a murky turquoise blue and the waves were nice and peaky so I caught a few fun one’s. But my word was it nippy, I only managed about half an hour in the water. When I got out, feeling refreshed and no longer hungover, I thanked the dude and clambered up to the car shivering as I went. I realised my knees were stinging and had turned bright purple, but It was so worth it. On the drive back up the coast we stopped at what I thought was just a light house. Up in the sky there was about a dozen hang gliders circling us like birds high in the sky. As we got closer to the lighthouse, I realised we were at a huge cliff face that was made of Limestone which must have been over 300 feet high, I was a little spooked because it was windy so didn’t go too close to the edge. The views of the Med were spectacular and you could nearly see Africa from our perch on top of the cliff face. That Afternoonwe were treated to a delicious Spanish seafood Paejella which hit the spot and then we relaxed and watched Barcelona win their La Liga derby match against Espanyol. Then to top off the day we took a trip to the nearby region of Murcia , for a photography exhibition and a look around the city. Undoubtedly a very beautiful place and we stayed for a few beers and then looked around the old town. One thing that struck me was the sheer volume of street art there and amazing Graffiti throwups which littered the city walls.

We awoke bright and early sunday morn to the most delicious and unusual breakfast I have ever eaten – Churros with a Mocha Latte – It is a very popular pastry sold in Spain. It is a type of long and Soft Pretzel covered in Homemade Cinnamon Sugar and dipped in a chocolate sauce. Oh my days. What a tasty treat. The Energy boost was something else. So, happy out, I went for a morning dip in the swimming pool and then we made our way into the city to explore. Another trip to the beach was in store this time to a busier, more crowded beach with golden sand, nearer to the city centre; here surfboards/Kayaks and SUP’s were only ten euro to rent for the day so I borrowed a board and had another refreshing dip in the Med. Our weekend was topped off with a visit to one of the Oldest Tapas Bars in Alicante. Established about 40 years ago, the food was the Bees Knees and included a large selection of meats and seafood such as Calamari, Squid, Salami etc. We shared Jugs of Delicious Sangria and got complimentary shots of Lemon cello, leaving well satisfied, with full bellies and broad grins. Later that night me and my amigo went to a bar called The Yellow Submarine for Juan more beer. When we walked in the DJ was spinnig some Tupac records so I was in my element. Some night. Driving Home was a breeze and we stopped in the province of Oceana, near the city of Toledo for Patata’s Bravas & Cervesa (Beer & Chips)

While I really Enjoyed myself in S.E of Spain some Potential hazards you may want to be aware of, that I only discovered when arriving here; There are water Snakes in nearly every river/ lake, Lizard’s and Gekko’s are everywhere and last but not least mosquitos are always out and about around dusk which is 7-9 pm so beware – there is 3 different sizes with the tiger mosquitoes being the biggest as they carry diseases. So bring repellant for these dirty buggers.

Anyway, Until Next time!

All the best, G’Luck

~ A little poem by Dr. Seuss

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And
you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll
decide where to go.
You’ll get mixed up,
of course, as you already know.
You’ll get mixed up with
many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you step.
Step with care and great
tact and remember that
Life’s A Great Balancing Act.
And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)KID, YOU’LL MOVE

Trailer for Drifter (If anyone’s interested)

Outlawed Tour of The Continent

Stop #1 – España (Spain)

Vagabond (Adjective) meaning – Nomadic, Leading an unsettled or Carefree Life, Having an uncertain or irregular course of direction. A term interwoven into the work, lifestyle and ethos of many musicians, artists & explorers. Noteworthy Album – Vagabonds of The Western World – Thin Lizzy.

Howdy All,

Thanks for taking the time to read.

The Path of a twenty-first century vagabond, traveling for an indefinite period, throughout Europe A.K.A the western world is certainly exciting and often carefree but have no doubt about it, it’s not always a walk in the park. The road less traveled is riddled with many dangers, chaos, mayhem and a number of life lessons, which I plan to tell you, the reader, all about.

Two Days ago, on the 4th of May, I had an epiphany. while I was at work, sitting in a history lesson ( my favourite and last class of the day) observing my colleague giving a lecture on Human Evolution, my mind began to wonder. After a while when we arrived at the characteristics of Homo Sapiens I began to  daydream about being a nomad in a foreign land. My mind jumped from savannas, to an oasis in the Gobi desert and the unknown grasslands and plains of Africa, then funnily enough the student in front of me who, unlike the other students was doodling instead of taking notes, noticed and whispered to me, ‘hey , Ernan! I snapped back to reality. ‘ Yeah , what? – I said. ‘did you hear about the explosion today? ‘ he inquired. ‘No, what explosion? , wait tell me after class’ I said. About Ten minutes later, the bell rang and I went over and asked the lad to explain what he was beginning to tell me about during class. The lad, along with one of his friends proceeded to explain to me , in broken English , that there had been an explosion 15 km south of our school. I began to think the worst, It was big red button time, a nuclear bomb had gone off, and we were near the blast radius or maybe war had spread and broken out in europe. But no, thankfully, my initial thoughts were wrong. It was a chemical explosion – A factory was blown to smithereens in a little town south of Madrid at around mid day and I hadn’t heard a thing as I was in music class at the time playing a lady gaga song using Boom whacker’s, oblivious to the outside world. Anyways, 15 people were injured and 3 were seriously injured, smoke, ash and toxic gas was shot into the atmosphere and the sky turned grey and murky. By the time I finished school about 3 o’clock, it had cleared somewhat but there was still a taste of pollution and dust in the air. While I walked home I thought ‘damn , life is too short, anything can happen in this day and age’. I need to make the most of everything. When you look back at the amount of People who passed away, personal friends, family and associates, sports people, Musicians, Writers , Icons and inspiring people who died in 2016 ~ Prince, Bowie, Lemmy & Howard marks to name a few ~ It really puts life into perspective. I’ve learned a lot this year about myself and the big bad world between completing Final year, writing a thesis, graduating from Uni and being thrust into the world as a Graduate to a number of Life Lessons – I feel like Dustin Hoffman – disillusioned but focused on what matters. Spreading the good word

Like many well-known writers and explorers, who possess a curious mind, a love for warmer climates and who have experienced wanderlust ( George Orwell and E.Hemmingway come to mind), I have decided to visit spain for a couple of months to immerse myself in the spanish culture and way of life. They say history repeats itself and I believe it does because a close relative of mine came to Spain when she was twenty something also to teach and explore, coincidence? who knows. So far, It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am enjoying everything about the Spanish way of life.

A) The climate here suits me perfect ( Temperatures throughout April ranged from 10-26 degrees celsius and as far as I can remember it has only rained maybe 3 out of the 32 days I have been here) and as a result, I have never felt healthier. They say your health is your wealth so in that sense I’m minted, for now.

B) The majority of the people I have met and spoken with so far are very friendly, welcoming, helpful and are more than willing to converse with me in English, my native tongue, as for now, my spanish is basic, but I am learning new words and phrases every day, more on that later.

C) (Skip this bit if your hungry)The Cuisine here is amazing! I can’t stress that enough. Although Spanish people eat at different times throughout the day, often having their Dinner much later than people in Ireland (between 9-11pm is the norm) I have now become accustomed to eating later. I have tried a number of the native dishes during my time here and I can’t wait to try more. Some new foods I have tried since I arrived here include ; Tortilla ( like a spanish omelette with potato’s and Egg) , Octopus/ Squid , Rabbit, and my favourite so far Paella – viewed by many non-spaniard’s as Spain’s national dish, Paella comes from the region surrounding the city of Valencia (where the delicious oranges also come from) near the Albufera lagoon – there are many versions of this dish – Mixed paella is a rice dish cooked in a free-style, combining meat from land animals such as Rabbit, Chicken or Turkey or Sea Animals, Vegetables, beans and olive oil. One word. Delicious. More on my experience tasting traditional seafood Paella later. Furthermore, the drinks that go hand in hand with Spanish food are also very tasty. Some of my personal favourites include – Sangria, Cervesa Limon on Draft (Lemon Beer) and Red wine. There is a huge selection of Vino Tinto & Blanco – ranging from Cartons for 1-2 euro to bottles priced from anywhere from 2 euro upwards depending on budget and personal preference. I also enjoy and admire the tradition of Spanish Tapas ( sharing plates) that accompany each round of drinks in the majority of bars, Cafe’s , gastropubs and restaurants. Common tapas dishes include – Patatas Bravas ( not just chips and ketchup as many people believe but a mix of spicy salsa, herbs and Fried potatoes) – ( Check out this link for more views, opinions and common conceptions of patatas Bravas http://m.asivaespana.com/otros/un-periodista-britanico-critica-la-comida-espanola-y-estalla-la-guerra-contra-el-en-internet ), Fritas, jamon , chorizo, cheese and sliced tomato. Indeed it makes sense to have something to munch on while you are drinking with a friend or family member and you are left throughly full and satisfied after an evening at a tapas bar. This is quite unlike the Irish way –  for example on the emerald Isle – If you have a dinner, it would usually be around 6 or 7pm, then you would head out to a pub tavern or club, drink a couple of beers, shorts or glasses of wine, munch on a pack of peanuts maybe, drink some more until full/ jolly/ well oiled and then grab a take away – my preference over the past few months was a spice bag (Chicken, veg and chips) but noodles or a burger usually does the trick. Anyway, I digress, but I would recommend trying both ways to find your niche. You’ve all heard the phrase ‘ You are what you eat’ well I think the Spanish/mediterranean diet suits me down to the ground.

One more thing, I’m really enjoying the spanish tradition of daytime naps, known as a Siesta, usually taken after lunch (often between 2-4) when the weather is hot . What a great Idea! It is a nice little treat to grab forty winks after a full days work and a gym workout or swim. Although  I do find it difficult to do on my days off, no rest for the wicked eh….

Here’s a little poem that’s stuck in my head;  anyone know the title? Comment below

‘I’m a rambler , I’m a Gambler, I’m a long way from home,

And if you don’t like me, well leave me alone,

I’ll eat when I’m Hungry , Drink When I’m Dry,

And If the Moonshine don’t kill me, I’ll live till I die.’..

Finally, I’m currently in Madrid – A city that is roughly 650 m above sea level ( Quite a drastic change in environment for a man used to kicking it at sea level on the beautiful blue flag beaches of Eire) and a population of over 6 million humans – Located near a place called plaza Cervantes. Cervantes wrote Don Quixote so he’s like the Willie Shakespeare of Spain. So Far I’ve visited ; Alicante, Albacete Murcia, Toledo and Oceana. On the cards next is San Sebastian, Barcelona & Valencia.  More on that later. Anyway’s that’s all for now folks. I’ll leave you with my Quote of the day ;

‘Say Yes to new adventures’ – Unknown



Blog Post Numero Uno Brainstorming


Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to read. Ernan is my name and writing is my game. Hailing from the Emerald Isle, straight out of a little town on the West Coast called Westport. I have decided to write a blog which documents my experiences traveling the globe this year, the places I visit, the people I meet, the lessons I learn etc. You might be thinking ‘but what exactly will you be writing about’? Well, Lets Brainstorm. Nothing is set in stone just yet. Lets call this a literary experiment which will attempt to foster creativity , humour and free expression. You can expect ~ unique travel stories, Tourist Information and Tips, local knowledge, Inspirational Quotes each day, Art commentary (musical, literary, visual etc) , Lyrics , Jokes , Poetry, Prose and much much more..

A little bit about myself ~ Bachelor of Arts ~ Historian ~ English Teacher ~ Radio Presenter ~ Oxfam & Alive Volunteer ~ Barman ~ Barista ~ Photographer ~ Surfer ~ poet.

So, that all for now folk’s As I’ve got to run. More to come later.

But for now I will leave you with this quote from one of my favourite Sci – Fi characters – Yoda ;

~ “You will know when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. Always pass on what you have learned.”

Till next time

Good Luck